15 Most Common Facebook Ads Mistakes to prevent from getting Account ban Issues.

Your Facebook Ad account is in danger if you are not following the below-mentioned Facebook Algorithms.

Not a clickbait content Facebook is rolling up with new algorithm updates after the WhatsApp privacy issues to retain its users and abruptly banning accounts that are not following Facebook ad policies.

I have made enough research and figured out the 15 most common Facebook ad mistakes made by marketers below.

#1. Avoid using Gender Identification.

Stop questioning about Gender identity. Like

Are you a divorced woman?

#2. Avoid pointing out disabilities and medical conditions.

Put like “Depression Counselling” But Never put

“Are You Depressed ?”

#3. Don’t promote Adultery Content

Facebook will Abruptly ban such accounts without any prior warnings.

#4. Never promote Tobacco-Related products

Counseling services Regarding Addiction, Anti-tobacco campaigns are acceptable.

#5. Never promote Religious and Philosophical beliefs.

Never put like “Meet your fellow Jains” Put Looking for Jains near you?

#6. Don’t Navigate users to other Social Media Platforms.

Navigating users to other social media platforms is a sure-shot way of getting ad rejection.

#7. Never Run Ads with a broken Landing Page.

Check your Landing page’s Functionality and make it relevant to your ad promotion.

#8. Never promote “Get-Rich quick” Schemes

Fully describe your genuine business model and income opportunities in the ad copy.

#9. Membership schemes in any trade union.

Never put “Does your union cheating you?”

Put “Become a part of our righteous Union today”

#10. Never Mention Financial Status.

Avoid using broke or bankrupt in this lockdown? Use “Financial services to keep your bank balance safer”.

#11. Grammar and Profanity.

Avoid using lots of symbols and capitalization throughout the sentence. Put your message shorter and crisp.

#12. Don’t advert zoomed body parts

Stay away from promoting Before and After results that claim unexpected results in a shorter span.

#13. Never promote sensational content.

Ads that contain sensational, Violence and disrespectful content shall be disapproved.

#14. Ads that Auto downloads Files.

Never Promote Ads which Auto-downloads files straightaway.

#15. Replace “You” With “My” in the Ad

Finally, try to avoid calling out people with the Words “You” or “Your” to fix the maximum of the problems.


These are the most common mistakes to be avoided in the Facebook Ads and to get better results for the efforts.

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