The Importance of Call-To-Action Button In A Website!

Marketing communication is all about understanding this one simple concept!☝️
It is not about simplifying analytics and data.🙅‍♀️

Also, it is not about inducing creativity in communication.🙅


The one who communicates by focussing on what exact goal that he/she want to achieve with their marketing efforts!💯

The name of the art is called “Call-to-action”! 🤝

Most of the well-versed websites and landing pages out there are missing out on this one critical element.🧐

It is assuming that customers would magically read their minds and get to know what exactly they want.🤷


you need to communicate clearly on what exact action potential customers have to take.💡

It can be anything

– Becoming a lead,
– Downloading your ebook,
– Purchase your product/service,
– Spreading your business vision and purpose with other people.

Just highlighting and placing the CTA button throughout your website/landing page make wonders! 🎉👌

Remember the “Ask and Receive” formula before you start your communication!


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