Funnel Decoding Experiment- Plix Plant protein Herbal products.

Part-01/Funnel-02 of Plix Vitamin supplements.

So let’s start decoding their Facebook ads 

So this is their Ad copy

Really it’s a very fantastic ad from their end because they have just made it amazing by

1. Addressed the pain point at very first sight like “say Goodbye to Bloating” and it doesn’t deviate from Fb Ad policy because there are no direct personal attributes like “Are you suffering from Bloating”?

2. It’s a short ad and takes less time to get the message right.

3. Solution part triggers “Endorphin” Neurochemicals as it gives solution like “Improve your digestion” and “Dopamine” Neurochemical triggers the craving for “Self-reward” when looking at the “Apple flavored energy drink”.

4. And “Save money” Trigger is induced by giving away an offer of “Buy-2 and Get-2” Free.

And this is the Ad copy of “Plix Apple Vinegar” Basically it carries.

1. A No-brainer offer in the first place. “Buy-2 and Get-2” Free!!
2. List of benefits a Consumer can have.
3.Mentioned Point to point.

Areas of Improvisation.

1. It should be a testimonial video to gain better engagement.
2. They should stop using fancy words like “Effervescent”
3. “No bad smell” and “No bad taste” can be replaced with “Flavorful smell and taste”.

The main headline and sub-headline are where lots of people focus on first sight so it should be much persuasive and the sub-heading looks like a finishing line.

Part-02 Decoding the Landing page.

The main headline and sub-headline are where lots of people focus on first sight so it should be much persuasive and the sub-heading looks like a finishing line.

But it should talk about how it helps to change people’s life

1.  Like “Reduce your belly fat naturally with the goodness of vinegar” And the sub-heading should finish like “Plix Apple cider vinegar” For better engagement.

2. The Features like “Apple cider Vinegar” “Pomegranate extract” should be replaced with benefits like “Control blotting” “Feel lighter” “Loss weight” And so.

This is the blunder mistake which I’ve found on their Landing page that it looks like a mini-website and a user will definitely miss the persuasive flow and eventually forget what the product is all about.

1. It should be fixed and the landing page should be fixed straight.
2. They should Avoid stuffing lots of images.
3. Landing page should be much more spacious.

1. Benefits should be mentioned point by point.
2. It should be short and easily understandable.

Testimonial or Social proof part

1. They really did a good job on the testimonial part like adding photos along with the text.

2. They should definitely consider adding 5-star ratings as well.

How-to-use Banner is well designed with explanatory images and it is a good attempt indeed.  

They are Upselling other frequently used products on the Landing page and it is a good attempt.

They should add Vimeo testimonial video Links on the Landing page to explain much better about their product.

A Landing page is where maximum conversion happens so it should be optimized well accordingly.

Part-03 Decoding the Lead Magnet

A pop-up menu Appeared before entering into the Landing page to gather the Email details by showing up an exciting Rs.100 Off on the Next purchase.

But after giving details there is no Thank you page it should be fixed for getting Confirmation.

This is the Confirmation Email That I’ve Received from Plix as mentioned they are giving a Coupon code to Opt Rs.100 Offer on their Products.

And also they are providing a Free Diet Consultation from their Nutrition Experts. 

I suggest them to Add the Free diet consultation Offer in the Popup Menu itself to gather more converting Leads so that interested leads can directly call and Take the consultation and it creates reciprocity when it comes to selling.

Part-04 Decoding the Thank you page of Plix Cider vinegar.

Once I’ve entered the email Id to subscribe to their newsletter they asked me to check the Mail Inbox from their Thank you page.

The Mail which I’ve received contains many persuasive elements Like.

1. The Line “We thank you to being a part of our mission of providing clean nutrition” Triggers the prospects for being a “Part of any movement” Which promotes a good cause of spreading Natural way of protein to the world.

2. Also the subject line itself very captivating like “welcome to our Plix Family” Basically triggers “Oxytocin” Neurochemical of being a “Part of Like-minded community” works on the principle of “Survival”

3. They have added the Promised Offer of Rs.100/- as promised.

4. A clear Call-to-action is linked in the images which definitely makes users take action immediately


I feel their welcome Emails definitely perform well as they induce some major psychological triggers to persuade the prospects.

A Simple Thank you, Page, with No Sales Pitch.

Part-05 Decoding the Nurture Emails of Plix plant Proteins.

Here is my detailed analysis of the Plix Plant-protein products.

I couldn’t find any Nurture Emails from them after the welcome Email. And it should be fixed they should send 4-5 Nurture Emails and add value with their content to the prospects.


“Great Marketing is all about the activity involved to make the audience remember the brand”

I can find a lot of blogs updated on their website they should pick the top 4-5 blogs Create a banner, Attach it and start sending Emails.

The Email Value sequence could talk about.

1. Natural remedies to cure skin problems.

2. How to identify the original Plant protein Products.

3. How to stop sugar cravings by consuming the right fruits.

4. Tips to build Lean muscle with plant-based proteins. And so.

Part-06 Decoding the Sales Emails

1. Basically it provides the most relevant offer for valentine’s couples like a “Super green” Immunity booster for men and  Vitamin-c Amla drink is made for Womens especially on Valentine’s day.

2. It is a No-brainer offer that shows a huge discount also creates scarcity by adding only”A few hours to go” to persuade buyers to take action Right away. They should consider adding offer difference Like “Save upto Rs.1100”

3. Also they are triggering the “Oxytocin” Neurochemical element to join the Like-minded tribe.


Indeed it is one of the simpler and best Sales email I’ve come across in my Niche.

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