Funnel Hacking Experiment- Oziva Herbal Protein Products.

Part-1 Facebook AD and Ad copy Decoding Page

1. The Thumbnail used in the image Gives a sense of the natural feel of Traditional Herbs and Multi-vitamins which grabs attention in the first place.

2. Seconds from 0.02-0.14 attributes more on showcasing the pain point of the users. Which are Daily tasks that can bring down your body’s energy. Triggers cortisol to stick with the ad.

3. Remaining seconds of the ad talks more about how the product helps to rejuvenate the body’s energy, benefits, and directions to use.

4. A clear-cut Call to action ‘Shop Now’ is given along with the image of the protein powder in the ad creative to make viewers take action quickly.

Ad Copy.

1. Framed elaborative about the product.
2. Started with some features like Finest vegan Clean protein powder with plant protein.
3. Completed by adding more benefits to the users like better energy, Immunity, digestion, skin, and hair health.

Areas of Improvisation.

1. An Special Offer could be added for a limited time period
2. Copy should be short and much crisper.
3. Copy should portray more about on the benefits to the users and then elaborate with products feature.

PART-2 Landing Page Decoding

Really a Well structured landing page that contains

1. Price Offer with Call to action in the first place.
2. 5-star reviews get placed to add more Social-proof.
3. Extra Coupon offers added which brings curiosity to “save-money” for customers.
4. Multiple carousel slides added which explain Features, benefits, and ingredients so that a visitor doesn’t need to spend much time on the landing page.

Here is a detailed description of the product.

1. Consists Ingredient Details.

2. Highlights Products best features like 100% vegan-Friendly.

3. A bullet point Started with a benefit like provided with better energy and immunity and ended up with ingredients like Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Amla tulsi, etc… Which gets better attention when reading.

4. A short disclaimer is added like “Results may vary as per the individual’s diet and workout which basically builds some trust from my point of view.

An eye-catchy series of banners added to the landing page explains more about unique features on what makes it better and Directions to use with explanatory images which is mind-blowing.

A Youtube Video is Added to the Landing page which explains about the Prime benefits of the product. There is no problem in Adding a Video but it shouldn’t navigate the users to other pages and distract them from the persuasive Flow.

At the footer part of the Landing page carries.

1. Frequently asked questions and answers.
2. Customer reviews and photos which adds more credibility to the Social proof trigger.

Areas of Improvisation.

1. Description should talk more about benefits to the users, not about the features.

2. Too many jargons to be removed Like remove complicating Words like digestive enzymes should be removed and replaced to “Helps in digestion”.

2. A story should be added in the description to portray the pleasure part to the users or treat customers like heros.

3. Call to action should be placed in many areas.

Part-3 Decoding Lead Magnet and Nurture Emails

Here is the detailed analysis of the Newsletter Signup form and Nurture Email sequence of the Oziva Herbal Nutrient Plant powder.

The Newsletter signup menu seems pretty monotonous as it doesn’t carry any Specific offer or Lead magnet to gather the contact details.

After entering the Email Id Details it forwards to a Thank you page where the page contains only” Thanks for subscribing”

Decoding the Nurture Emails.

After subscribing in few minutes an Email has landed up in the primary Inbox where it carries an exciting 10% Discount on the first purchase. And a Free Diet plan and consultation are provided after the first purchase which is indeed a good way to retain the existing customers by the persuasion principle called “Consistency”

Areas of Improvisation.

1. The 10% offer should be displayed in the newsletter sign up menu to get more converting leads.

2. Short and crisp health-related content should be added to the Thank you page.

3. Product images could be added to the Email.

Part-4 Decoding The Sales Emails.

As a marketer, I feel there is a Red signal in their funnel as I barely received any nurture emails from them after signing up for their Newsletter even I would have shown interest to buy their product.

It clearly signifies that they are missing out on an important phase in the customer value journey called “Engagement”

I Would strongly suggest them to drop 5-7 Nurture Emails which adds value to the users and then drop 2-4 Sales Email with an Exciting offer.

1. Nutrition and Health tips.
2. Customer testimonials to create social proof.
3. Diet plans and charts.
4. Protein deficiency symptoms and prevention tips.
5. Sales Emails with Discount offers for a Limited Time Period to create scarcity.

This is my Final Analysis of their landing page.

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