7 Step Storytelling Framework To Build A Sustainable Brand

7 step storytelling framework

In the story-telling context, never portray you or your brand as a hero, Your brand is a guide, and your customer needs to be treated as heroes.

I’ve Just gained this mind-boggling concept from #Donaldmiller

Let me share the key insights with you guys, if you understand this, it will completely change your perspective about branding and communication.

The Framework covers the 7 stages of effective communication of your brand’s messaging.

#1 Introducing the character.

Put the spotlight on the customer, not on the product/service that you offer, Get to know about him well their interest, desires, hates, and the burning problem that they want to get resolved.

#2. Hero has a problem.

Identify the real villain which is the internal problem, many brands try to solve the external problems and losses the game.

The best example is, 

Let’s say you are offering a beauty product to clear dull skin (external problem).

What’s the real internal problem? The hero/heroine wants to get the ex’s attention back by getting a clear skin.

Highlight the internal problem!

#3. Hero Meets the guide.

Whom they believe, who shows them empathy, who solves their internal problems, that is you/your brand a guide.

Like how in Inception movie Leo Di plays the role of a guide to extract Fischer’s secrets from his dreams.

Your brand should be a guide to solve the prospect’s problem!!

#4. Create a plan with a strong CTA.

Miller brilliantly illustrates the importance of creating clear, stated directions to take action,

placing stones in a creek greatly increases the chance that someone will cross the creek.

#5. Compelling Call-to-action.

Create a genuine scarcity and make the procrastinating mind to step into action!

Customers don’t tend to take action unless you persuade them.

#6. That leads to avoid pain and attain pleasure.

You need to paint an end result in the customer’s mind on how your product can help them to get that happy ending by providing them a solution.

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