Zomato Killer Push Notification Marketing Strategy

When a notification message makes you hunger!

Here comes the brilliant marketing strategy of #zomato proves that a simple hook can make your pocket empty.

Yep! yesterday was a hard day, and my mind is constantly holding me back saying that it is no longer possible to move further to continue with the work.

Suddenly a notification just flashed like that it came from my friend, who cares about my pain, reminded me to beat the stress by feeding my taste buds.

But still, the culprit brain just wanted to stay inside, toast the bread, save time, and not be stuck in the traffic outside to have food.

The #zomato comes as a savior by dropping its killer hook in the notification and reminds me of getting the food on my table at the comfort of my home- The save time and get instant gratification trigger!

What happened next? The tummy is full, and the pocket is empty by making home delivery work!

The friendly, problem-solving marketing message sold its communication more than the food!

I would have never bought food if they have flashed some random food images!

Marketing is all about one-to-one personalized communication through mass media!

We don’t need to spy privacy, understanding the simple and common pain point assumptions will do wonders!

This is the best example, your thoughts?


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