15 Psychological Trigger That makes people make a buying decision.

#1. Fear

The primary emotion that drives people to seek for a solution.

#2. Desire

Needs and Desires are inevitable in everyone’s Life.

#3. Significance

Researches proves getting significant drives people more than money.

#4. Purpose

People loves to align with incredible purpose.

#5. Security

Safety and Survival is the primary goal of humans from the times of old age.

#6. Trust

A brand’s Trust promotes and sells itself

#7. Adventures

People make adventures to make everlasting and beautiful memories.

#8. Health

Objections are not the obstacle for taking care of one’s health

#9. Stories

Facts tells Stories Sells. Make audience to connect with your brand using incredible stories.

#10. New Arrival

Humans always bound to check New versions of anything.

#11. Happiness

Happiness is the most primary emotion drives people to spend.

#12. Cheap

People Just buy products even there is no need when it comes cheap.

#13. Save Time (Shortcuts)

Human Mind finds every possible ways to find shortcut solutions for their pains and Needs.

#14. Addiction

Addiction is the most powerful trigger which increases prospects life time value.

#15. Attraction

People tend to take action quickly when there is a Dopamine rush for Self- Reward.


These are the 15 Most powerful Psychological triggers which can be used to persuade people to make a desired Action Instantly.

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