Nykaa’s Game-changing Billion Dollar Strategies- Marketing Case studies.

Nykaa case study

Heyy!! Want to know a true E-commerce disruptor story?

Catch it up below.

The story is from the brand #Nykaa founded by Falguni Nayar, a startup launched just in 2012, now grown with 15 million registered users,

over 130,000 products in the BPC Market that managed to disrupt big players like #amazon and #flipkart in the Beauty and Personal care Niche!

The interesting marketing strategy and case study of the brand, shows that the modern-day marketing strategy is all about making customer-centric.

How #Nykaa fixed the loopholes in the BPC space from the top E-comm brands?

1. Saying goodbye to the marketplace model.

Nykaa came up with the Inventory model (Procured demanding products upfront from the top beauty brands) that made them understand the rolling trends in the BPC space and drastically increased the profit margins.

2. Fixing the loopholes and giving attention to the details.

“Retail is all about detail” is the success secret mantra of Ms. Falguni Nayar.

Nykaa figured out that consumers constantly dropping negative reviews and feedbacks (skin allergies, duplicate products)after purchasing the beauty products from other top E-comm players.

The customer feedbacks and negative pain points are the gold mine to tweak and market your products.

Heyy!! Want to know a true E-commerce disruptor story?

3. Realizing the difference between information and education.

Nykaa sets a benchmark with its content marketing efforts, they have got three Instagram accounts and a youtube channel with millions of followers that made the audience follow their pages based on their needs.

Mynykaa– In house brand of Nykaa.
Nykaabeauty– Promotion of its e-commerce platform.
Nykaa Fashion to promote its e-commerce apparel store.

The brand collaborates with 3055 influencers and sets a strong foundation in Influencer marketing.

Nykaa weekly magazine educates people to understand their skin types and helps to choose products that are relevant to their needs and best suit their skin types.

4. Building a thriving community.

Nykaa runs its community of more than 40,000+ members, it includes its customers, brand ambassadors, and beauty professional across the globe to solve user queries and make them feel that the brand is providing them personalized one-to-one care and support.

5. Omnichannel presence.

#Nykaa understood the customers’ touch and feel shopping need to buy the sensitive beauty products, so it has launched 80 in-store outlets in major cities that rapidly increased the sales from each channel.

Offline channel- To acquire new customers and to build trust.
Online channel- To increase customers’ lifetime value.

6. Conveying a unique story.

#Nykaa puts out its storyline like “Feel beautiful and confidence from inside, not for others” 

It determines that women should put the best version of themselves and embrace their life in a positive way, without worrying about other peoples’ opinions.

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