Top Rolling E-commerce Trends In 2022

How do the Indian D2C brands shape the buying behavior patterns of consumers? Let’s find the sweet spot to position a brand.

Based on researches, the Indian Ecomm Industry is set to hit the $112 billion mark by 2024. THAT’S INSANE!

The following factors would determine the success probability.

– Fulfill Niche-specific requirements.

Let’s say you go to any nearby shop to buy a cosmetic product made of organic ingredients, do the shopkeeper keep the stock for your (one customer) entry? not possible, but you can order your desired product from your home’s comfort at your favorite online stores like Mamaearth

How to implement: Deeply understand the needs and pain points of the customers, modify and market your products related to the audience’s needs.

– Willing to experiment with new products.

People are always willing to experiment with new products, test and try new things, mainly in the #beauty#fashion industries like NykaaKOOVS.COM

How to implement: Never make customers get bored with your brand, launch various designs and new varieties of offers and make the customers become your brands’ crazy fans!

– Taking women as a specific class of consumers.

Women in our country still feel insecure to step out or even unaware of certain wellness products like #femidoms#menstrualcups by Pee Safe

How to implement: Influencer marketing- Add social proof using their favorite models and celebrities, and convince them that it is okay to live by their own choices.

– Understand new-age customers and their needs.

Growing beard never would have become a culture, credits to the Beardo for launching products for beard growth.

Keys to implement- Ride the trend wave, position your brand in it.

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